Cheeky Chow

Cheeky Chow like the name suggests is a nutritious dog food for playful pooches who need lots of energy to run around and explore. Our brief was to create a colourful and bold design that included a canine character and we choose a Jack Russel as they are clever, energetic and cheeky.


Cheeky Chow


Packaging design


It was really important that the branding stood out on the shelves as the product is mainly sold in supermarkets to family pet owners. So we picked some really bold bright eye-catching colours such as red, yellow and green. Then we added in the photo of our mischievous Jack Russel. The addition of the background textures and shapes are inspired by the dried food mix and give depth to the overall design.


We feel that the original design has helped the brand to position themselves as a fun, unique dog food that celebrates the mischievous nature of our four legged friends.

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