Untamed Cider Co

Untamed cider co came to us with their company name but needed our help in creating a distinctive and dynamic brand identity. In a crowded market, we wanted their sour apple cider to really stand out.


Untamed Cider Co


Packaging design


We took inspiration from the distinctive flavour profile of the cider which is distinctively tart compared to the more traditional sweet berry ciders already on the market.We wanted to bring out the mischievous dark side of the brand and this is represented by the fox. 

Plus by opting to use strong contrasting colours in the artwork it doesn't get lost amongst the sea of white and pink labels already flooding this market. We wanted the design have a cornerstone but also to be adaptable and that’s why we have created the fox character as they can be used in many different scenarios that will hopefully capture the uniqueness of each of the different cider flavours as they are released later next year. 


The bold design incorporates the idea that this cider has a dark, mischievous side that is waiting to be unleashed. It holds the audience's attention and gives this new brewery a distinctive and refreshing feel.

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