Tris Alexandra Nutrition

Tris asked us to help her improve her website traffic and optimise her content by creating an SEO strategy that specifically focused on her recipe pages and courses.


Tris Alexandra Nutrition


Training / Strategy


We designed one-on-one training sessions for Tris that were tailored to the programmes and platforms she uses for Tris Alexandra Nutrition. The primary focus was to help her create a content strategy that would ensure her recipe ideas were on-trend and SEO optimised. We also worked on improving the use of keywords on her website, as well as creating as many backlinks as possible.


We devised a strategy that ensured all the blogs Tris created fell into one of the following categories: evergreen, viral and link earning. Ensuring that each blog had one clear focus made it easier to optimise them and ensure their success.

Tris Jarvis, Founder of Tris Alexandra Nutrition

"Listen & Like have been such an incredible help to me in building my social media and website presence. They not only gave me many tools to use, but also shared great insight and advice. I highly recommend them for anyone needing to improve their SEO and create website content that draws in your audience!"

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